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Swarn Bhasma (Method 1)




Shudh (purified) Swarn is cut into small pieces and mixed with equal quantity of Shudh Parad. The mixture is blended in fresh lime juice for 3 continuous days. After 3 days of blending the mixture is washed with water and Mal is added to it in 1/2 the quantity of Swarn. The mixture is then blended in Matuling juice for 3 continuous days till the mixture dries and attains a coarse-powder form. Shudh Gandhak in equal proportions to the entire mixture (not Swarn) is added and the resultant mixture is transferred to an earthen vessel. The vessel is sealed and given Laghuput (refer glossary). Laghuput numbers are increased until Swarn Bhasma is obtained with optimum properties (Nischandra - Bhasma without metallic shine).Swarn Bhasma so obtained is then soaked in Kanchanaar bark juice and blended till the mixture dries. This process is repeated 3 times at the end of which violet-coloured Swarn Bhasma is obtained.

Swarn Bhasma (Method 1) - Ingredient Details