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Tamra Bhasma




Shudh(purified) Parad 1 Tola and Shudh Gandhak 2 Tola are blended to form Kajjali. The Kajjali is processed in fresh lime juice and the mixture applied to Shudh Tamra plates. The plates on drying are sealed in a vessel and given ArdhGajput (see glossary).On cooling Tamra is mixed with equal quantity of Shudh Gandhak and blended in fresh lime juice to form a cake. The cake on drying is again given 2 ArdhGajput.Tamra Bhasma so procured is stored in a glass bottle and some amount of fresh lime juice is sprinkled over it. The mixture is examined after 12-24 hours. If the lime juice turns green it is an indication that Tamra Bhasma is not formed correctly. In such case Tamra Bhasma is again mixed with equal proportion of Shudh Gandhak and the mixture blended with lime juice to form a cake. The cake on drying is given one more ArdhGajput (this time the flame must be kept low). The resultant Bhasma is re-examined again for purity.

Tamra Bhasma - Ingredient Details