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Swarna-Makshik Purification(Method 3)




Swarna-Makshik 3parts and Saindhav Lavan 1part are mixed together and pounded to forma coarse powder. The mixture is heated in an iron -vessel with constant stirring till it turns red-hot. During the process Matulung Swaras (see glosary) or Jambeer Swaras is constantly sprinkled over the mixture. On cooling the mixture is washed with warm water to wash out Saindhav. Care is taken during the washing process to prevent any loss of Swarna-Makshik through water. After Saindhav is seperated the mixture is allowed to dry to obtain Shudh (purified) Swarna-Makshik.

Swarna-Makshik Purification(Method 3) - Ingredient Details