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Swarn Bhasma (Method 2)




Shudh (purified) Swarn is cut into small pieces and mixed with equal quantity of Shudh Parad. The mixture is blended in fresh lime juice and rolled into a cake. Shudh Gandhak in equal proportions to the entire mixture (not Swarn) is added and the resultant mixture is transferred to an earthen vessel. The vessel is sealed and given 14 Laghuput (refer glossary) to obtain Swarn Bhasm. after every Laghuput Shudh Gandhak must be added as described and Swarn-Parad mixture must be treated with lime juice.

Swarn Bhasma (Method 2) - Ingredient Details


Aushadhigundharmshastra lists the real author/treatise of the described method for preparing Swarn Bhasma.