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Swarn Bhasma (Method 4)




Shudh (purified) Swarn is mixed with equal proportion of Mal and the mixture is blended with Tulas leaf juice for 7 continuos days. The mixture is rolled into a cake dried and transfered to a earthen vessel. The earthen vessel is sealed and given Gajput / Laghuput(heated) (refer glossary). The cake is removed and again Mal 1/2 the proportion of Swarn is added to the mixture and given a Gajput. This process is repeated till Swarn Bhasma is obtained. With every increasing Gajput/Laghuput, Mal is added in reducing quantity of Swarn (50%, 25%, etc). Swarn bhasma so obtained is then blended with Tulas leaf juice for 3 continuous days rolled into cake, dried and given Gajput/Laghuput. After 10-12 Gajput red-coloured Swarn Bhasma is obtained. Swarn Bhasma is then blended with Shatpatri flower juice for one day followed by Kamal juice and Bakul flower juice respectively. Swarn after 3 days of treatment is rolled into cake and given a final Gajput to obtain Swarn Bhasma.

Swarn Bhasma (Method 4) - Ingredient Details



Ayurvedsarsangrah, Siddhyogsangrah